Rodos Biotarget’s business model is characterized by a lean and project-oriented organization. A small team manages a network of professional service providers and academic institutions in order to achieve the company’s objectives towards a rapid and cost-effective commercialization of its assets.



Dr. Marcus Furch, CEO and Co-Founder

With 15 years in the life science industry, Marcus Furch has considerable experience in Corporate M&A, Business Development & Strategic Planning including general management.


Dr. Marcus Furch

He is currently a managing partner and CEO/CFO of the venture capital-financed Rodos Biotarget GmbH. In this role, he plans and executes the corporate strategy, provides overarching leadership and direction to the team of internal and external stakeholders.

Prior to his engagement at Rodos, he advised and co-founded several start-up companies rendering medical services or providing biotechnology products. In advisory and interim management assignments for clients in the healthcare industry, the founding team of a M&A boutique, as well as in permanent management positions at Fresenius SA, he was involved in merger and acquisition, licensing, corporate financing and venturing, as well as trans-border transactions, both in established and emerging markets. In a position of significant corporate influence at Fresenius, he contributed to building a portfolio comprising stage I to stage III clinical trial projects. Prior to joining Fresenius, he was a management consultant in São Paulo providing support to enforce the competitiveness of chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises.

Before becoming engaged in management and business economic assignments, he had worked for more than six years as Research Scientist in international and renowned laboratories in Germany (Max-Planck Society and Hannover Medical School), France (INSERM-CNRS), Spain (Universidad del Pais Vasco), and the US (The Scripps Research Institute).

He received his advanced degree in chemistry and his PhD in biophysics and biochemistry from the University of Heidelberg. He also holds an executive MBA from the Business School of Maastricht University (The Netherlands).
Marcus is a native German and speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.


Dr. Robert Gieseler-von der Crone, CSO and Co-Founder

Having studied biology and basic studies in medicine; Robert Gieseler received his PhD in immunology in 1991.


Dr. Robert Gieseler-von der Crone

He is currently a managing partner and CSO of the venture capital-financed Rodos Biotarget GmbH. In this role, he plans and executes the company’s R&D activities and provides overarching leadership and direction to its service providers and academic collaborators.

When at Georg August University in Göttingen, he participated in elucidating the ontogeny of myeloid dendritic cells, and he co-developed the gold standard in-vitro differentiation protocol for these antigen-presenting cells.
From 1989 to 1990, he worked with Dr. Michael Scolaro in a joint HIV/AIDS research program at St. Vincent Medical Center and the University of Southern California Medical School in Los Angeles, USA. Subsequently, he did commissioned work for the Merck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research in Quebec, Canada, and then led preclinical research programs on solid organ transplantation, oncology, and autoimmunity at Georg August University, Göttingen, and the University of Essen Medical School in Essen, Germany.
Dr. Gieseler worked for five years until 2005 as Chief Scientist at a public non-profit research institute in Beverly Hills, and – together with Dr. Scolaro – invented the CLR-TARGOSPHERE® as well as an antibody-targeted TARGOSPHERE® variant. With a team of scientists, their work provided the foundation for the proprietary technology that was further developed at Rodos Biotarget. He has held a position as Adjunct Professor at the University of Florida, USA.

Subsequently, he held a management position supervising the Northern Europe R&D division of Laboratorios LETI, S.L., Spain – a company active in the area of allergology. As of 2007, he has been Research Coordinator on hepatitis C and other liver diseases at the University of Essen Medical School before joining the management of Rodos Biotarget.


Constantin Hozsa, M.Sc., Head of Production

Constantin Hozsa has more than eight years of experience in the development of pharmaceutical nanocarriers. He joined Rodos Biotarget GmbH in early 2014 and is now responsible for the production and development of novel TargoSphere® variants in close collaboration with our partners.


Constantin Hozsa, M.Sc.

He is a medicinal chemist by training and specialized in the development and characterization of biodegradable nanocarriers for nucleic acids during his PhD-studies at the University of Regensburg.

He later headed the formulation department of the Nanohale AG in Dortmund, a company that was focused on polymeric nanodelivery systems for proteins and peptides. There, he was involved in projects such as the development of an insulin nasal spray and nucleic acid delivery for the treatment of pulmonary diseases.


Dr. Michael J. Scolaro, Chief Medical Office (CMO)

As a medical physician by training, he has had more than 40 years of experience in psychiatry, neurology, internal medicine, infectiology, and virology. His early clinical work and research contributed to the development of today’s state-of-the-art combination therapy for treatment of HIV/AIDS, i.e. HAART.


Dr. Michael J. Scolaro

As the founder and senior investigator of a public non-profit research institute in Beverly Hills, USA – Let There Be Hope Medical Research Institute – and the former Director of AIDS Research at the St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles, he was a principal investigator and contributor to over 40 clinical studies in HIV/AIDS, oncology and infectious diseases.

In 1971, he was appointed to the position of Clinical Associate Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California. Los Angeles. He initiated a drug development company in the USA, Augustus BioTarget, Inc., and in collaboration with Rodos in Germany is developing immunotherapeutic treatments for Alzheimer’s disease with CLR-TARGOSPHERE®-encapsulated agents.


Dr. Jörg Ruppert, Chief Business Officer (CBO)

Biologist by training; received his PhD in Immunology in 1992 at Georg August University in Göttingen. Here, he co-developed the key in-vitro differentiation protocol for myeloid dendritic cells.


Dr. Jörg Ruppert

In 1990, he joined Dr. Scolaro and contributed to the early investigations into therapeutic intracellular targeting of HIV-infected antigen-presenting cells with sense-/antisense oligonucleotides for inactivating the HIV-1 tat gene.
Subsequently, Dr. Ruppert joined the publicly listed biotech company Cytel Corp. in San Diego, California, as a Research Scientist for three years in drug development utilizing antigen presentation technologies.

After three years in a position in Marketing with the German subsidiary of a large US corporation, ICN Biomedicals, he became a partner for eight years with the Venture Capital firm, Heidelberg Innovation, as an Investment Manager specializing in financing, developing, and selling of biotechnology and pharmaceutical start-up companies.
He currently holds the position of Director International Sales & Marketing with a medium-sized Diagnostics Company in Germany.


In 2008, Rodos Biotarget secured start-up financing from the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and the hannover innovation fund (hif). Since then, RBT has obtained additional funds from government grants and private foundations as well as external revenues through industry collaborations.

In 2012, the company attracted equity investments from new investors including the ERP-Startfonds by KfW (German Development Bank), the Hannover Beteiligungfonds (HBF), as well as Family Offices and Business Angels.


University of Essen Medical School | Div. Hepatogastroenterology | Essen | Germany
Ali Canbay, MD
Professor | Hepatogastroenterology & Experimental Hepatology

Heidelberg University School of Medicine | Div. Parasitology | Heidelberg | Germany
Ann-Kristin Mueller, PhD
Group Leader | Parasitology, Microbiology & Genetics

TWINCORE | Center for Experimental and Clinical Infection Research GmbH | Hannover | Germany
Ulrich Kalinke, PhD
Professor | Infectiology & Immunology

Brunswick Institute of Technology | Institute for Microbiology | Braunschweig | Germany
Michael Steinert, PhD
Professor | Medical Microbiology

Augustus BioTarget, Inc. | USA
Michael J. Scolaro, MD | Founder and CEO

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