Rodos Biotarget is a biopharmaceutical company that joins the ranks of industry leadership in targeted drug delivery. Our proprietary technology, the TARGOSPHERE®, a nanocarrier platform is designed to achieve enhanced prophylactic and therapeutic approaches against diseases of high unmet medical need.

Commercialization of our proprietary technology platform is advanced with two in-house therapeutic applications: 1) TARGOBIOTICS™ for the intracellular treatment of bacterial infections, and 2) TARGOVIR™ for the treatment of viral diseases.

TARGOSPHERE®The TargoSphere® nanocarrier is a drug delivery system that is tailored with molecular structures on its surface to act as targeting ligands specifically designed to bind to different cell surface receptors. Each uniquely developed surface ligand on the nanocarrier is designed to deliver a drug load only to those cells affected by disease or to induce a disease-specific immune response. Thus avoiding delivery and minimizing side effects on healthy bystander cells.



TARGOBIOTICS™TargoBiotics™, is the “umbrella trademark” for TargoSphere®-encapsulated antibiotics. Our lead indication with this nanocarrier formulation is the therapeutic treatment of MDR Tuberculosis.


TARGOVIR™TargoVir™ is the “umbrella trademark” for our nanocarrier, encapsulated with virucidal or antiviral agents to enable curative treatments of HIV and other viral infections. We have encapsulated a carbohydrate binding agent (CBA) that recognizes highly conserved glycoproteins on the surface of a variety of viruses. Preclinical studies have successfully eliminated intracellular reservoir HIV with an absence of toxicity to the infected cell or to healthy bystander cells.


What are TargoSphere® carriers and how can they support drug development?

The lipid based, biocompatible, and biodegradable TargoSphere® nanocarrier platform is characterized by its high versatility. Almost any active pharmaceutical ingredient (including small molecule drugs, nucleic acids, and proteins) can be designed to be delivered by the TargoSphere®. Nanocarrier-designed delivery improves pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and safety profiles, and also allows for line and label extension.





Rodos BioTarget GmbH contributed to the book “European Biotechnology – A medical focus.” The publication pays tribute to the inspiring history of biotechnology industry in Europe and to the technological innovation that have shaped it.


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